Case Studies

The three Case studies listed are from Interactive Media (II & III).

Aloe Thrift is an app design that I am the most proud of! I genuinely enjoyed creating an app that was informative and fun. Thrifting has become a big part of my life as I had become brainwashed to all of the new trends that would surface. I learned that many of the brands providing constant up-to-date clothes were also providing toxic chemicals, horrible work conditions, and cheap clothing. To bring awareness to the toxicity of the fashion industry, and provide an alternative resource to ethical shopping, I created Aloe Thrift.

Pick Something is an Alexa skill that can help in making decisiona. I included categories like movies, tv shows, indoor/outdoor activities, food, and cleaning. Each category has about 60 options that are randomly selected. Creating an Alexa skill was difficult for me because I had no knowledge in creating an Alexa Skill. It took many edits for the skill to create easy interactions.

I created a chatbot for Starbucks customers. I thought it would be very useful as the only way to contact Starbucks with questions is to call a store or email the corporation. Both sources are inconsistent and take forever. The Starbucks Chatbot was made to help costumers receive a quick and easy answer.