Below are examples of past projects I’ve worked on as a freelance designer. These experiences have enabled me to learn how to work with a client, meet deadlines, and push existing knowledge in branding/marketing and Adobe Illustrator.

“WYD NANO” Up and Coming Musician

WYD NANO is a up and coming R&B/Lo-Fi musician from Salt Lake City, Utah. I connected with him through TikTok as he was promoting a new single. Interested in his music, I reached out to see if he’d ever want designs. He was interested in a profile picture for social media and a logo.

I started this project by asking what style he was interested in. He described a edgy, “e-boy” look. I chose to stick with red, orange, and yellow for color choices and a checkerboard pattern. The checkerboard pattern is popular within this style. From his reference photo, I began sketching a portrait for his profile picture. I found the “wavy” typeface and began using it as the main typeface. WYD NANO liked the designs and used them on social media for a couple of months.

Timeline: One Week

Budget: No charge, made for experience

“Shine with a Purpose” Local Jewelry

I met the founder of Shine With a Purpose, Andrea, last summer (June 2020) at an Anti- I.C.E. Protest. She is an artist born in Guatemala, raised in Colorado, that creates jewelry to combat racial and social injustices. We were both interested in the art we made for the protest, and we ended up exchanging items.

Andrea was interested in a simple yet connected logo that could be used for her profile picture, website, and prints for her business. She gave me a lot of freedom to create what I felt would best represent her brand. I started with the reference picture but simplified details to enable the flexibility within sizing for the logo. Working with Andrea to create a logo pushed me to transform jewelry into a flat image. This design works because it represents Andreas goals with Shine With a Purpose, to bring people together through her jewelry.

Timeline: Two Weeks

Budget: Max $75

“Han makes” Jewelry in UK

@Han_Makes, or Hannah, found me through another Instagram artist that featured an artwork. I created an illustration based off a vest by @vicky.knits on Instagram (included above). Vicky saw my illustration and shared it on her story. From there, Hannah was interested in my style and requested a brand image.

Hannah sent me some reference photos that I could base the illustration on. She also sent me a list of her tools when creating jewelry (earring hooks, pliers, scissors, etc.). Hannah was very specific in what she wanted within the illustration. With each edit, I connected with her to see what I could improve. She was very involved with the process, and was very happy with the end result. It has been a year since this project and Hannah has kept it as her profile picture on Instagram as well as on her “thank you” cards. This design has been successful as it not only represents the style of jewelry Hannah creates, it connects her brand to a face. Her account has grown greatly since then, she now has 15k followers! Through this project with @Han_Makes, I made the realization of the power social media can create. If I was not shared by @vicky.knits, I would of never gotten this opportunity.

Timeline: Two Weeks

Budget: Max 100 Euros

“Noble Minority” Local Clothing Brand

Noble Minority was founded by Lamar Soto in Aurora, Colorado. Lamar recruited me as Lead Designer and Yuri Santos as Vice President of Noble Minority. Lamar’s goals for the brand was to create stylish street wear that gave back to the minority community in Aurora. After each drop, 50% of profits would be donated to an organization. For this project, my role as Lead Designer required me to create logos and designs for each drop, model, and capture product photos.

For the first logo design, Lamar wanted a simple yet modern design that would make the brand feel like luxury. As I made more designs, he began to trust my judgement and asked me to create a logo that connected the brand to Colorado (the mountain logo). Success was measured by the number of sales within each clothing drop. Working with Noble Minority taught me many things about being apart of a small business. I was able to see the challenges, effort, and communication that went into creating a brand. I also learned about being a freelance designer under a contract.

Timeline: 6 month contract

Budget: 10% of profit (after donations)

“Con Ganas Crafts” Local Clay Jewelry

Con Ganas Crafts is owned by Christina Santos Pena. She makes clay jewelry for protests, holidays, and custom orders for personal events. As an artist herself, I showed her the importance of branding/marketing to gain more opportunities within her business. She asked for logos she could brand herself with.

Christina was interested in a simple, organic, desert logo that connected her to Mexico. Creating this logo enabled me to learn how to create an image that represents a business, especially when there is no clear idea to begin with.

Timeline: One Week

Budget: No charge

“Isis Books & Gifts” Local Metaphysical Store in Englewood, CO

Goddess Isis Books & Gifts is a local metaphysical shop I love to visit. In Design Studio II, I was assigned a project that focused on branding. I decided to rebrand Isis Books & Gifts because their website and logo was out-of-date. The logo was an image of the Goddess Isis but was highly detailed, making it hard to depict at smaller pixel sizes. The website was dull and stuffed with products and information. It was very unorganized.

To complete the logo, I did research on the Goddess Isis. I read about what she symbolized, her purpose, and how she was influential in Ancient Egypt. The website I created organized the products, limited the overflow of information, and connected the owners to the visitors through photos. Working through this project, I learned the importance of branding and why many businesses have a hard time connecting to wider audiences when they do not take care of their image.