Design Studio

Not my fav set of classes but all of them pushed me to be a better designer.

Design Studio I

“Sleep Smart” branding pillow company

T shirt Mockup
Spec sheet
Stationary mockup

Aw, my very first logo :,) makes me so happy/sad to see. This project was all about branding! Given a couple of different categories, I chose to brand SleepSmart. I am happy I’ve improved! I feel so nostalgic looking at this project. I cannot believe this was a couple of years ago.

“Poaching PSA” designing research information

Designing research information was super hard for me! Not only do you have a lot to fit on a small space, you also have to make it look appealing. I struggled with conveying the data and conducting research. If I were to redo this project, I would utilize the space more by either adding more illustrative details or more information.

“Museum of the Past” design museum panel about American Traditions now that may lose importance in the far future

Quality is super bad because of size

I loved this project! It was so fun and challenged me because it was on a HUGE file (which is why it is hard to read). I chose to talk about S’mores and their influence on American traditions. I love S’mores, that’s all I wanna say.

Design Studio II

“Green Thumb Club” creating a brand from mundane object (pottery)

Instagram Ad

This project was the most recent one in Design Studio. It was very difficult for me but I ended up loving what I created. I became more interested in branding and social media management.