Taking Drawing I and Life Drawing has helped me improve skills in proportions, shading, and composition.

Life Drawing Projects

“A Wild Girl”, 18×24″ , Ink

A Wild Girl is based off of a model pose that was presented in class. She is calm, vulnerable, and embracing the nature around her. I wish I added more to the background to add some sort of texture.

“Chiki” , 18×24″ , Acrylic, Fabric, Fake Flowers

Chiki is a portrait of my chihuahua. She loves blankets and cuddles, laying in the grass, and sleeping. She’s a small loving fur ball. I have not done collage or pet portraiture before.

Model Drawings

Drawings done over the semester. Life drawing was very difficult for me. I have always struggled with proportions and the human body. Because of this, I have avoided drawing full bodies/features. This course pushed me to practice! Though I know I can enhance my skills even further, I am happy with my progress.